Central Denver

Within Central Denver you’ll find Downtown, Uptown, Baker, Capitol Hill, Congress Park and Cheesman Park. Please scroll below to see specific details and places to check out in each of these neighborhoods!

Central Denver Neighborhoods

Within Central Denver you’ll find Downtown, Uptown, Baker, Capitol Hill, Congress Park and Cheesman Park. These areas are all within a 10 - 15 minute drive from each other and each of these neighborhoods has plenty of fantastic features on it’s own. Click on the photo to learn more about these areas in the center of Denver, the Mile High City.



 With the most metropolitan feel in Denver, you’ll experience high rise buildings, a bustling business area as well as many newly developed high rise residential buildings and pedestrian friendly choices for eating out and shopping. Larimer Square has been a staple for boutique shopping and local restaurants for decades and always remains charming and timeless. The convention center and major hotels, as well as the Denver Center for the Performing Arts are located downtown, all with easy access to the Light Rail. Union Station was given a major facelift in the 2010’s and is a great place to people-watch, get a cocktail or go for a memorable dinner. Downtown is also where you’ll find the  MCA(Museum of Contemporary Art), Coors Field and 16th ST MALL, our famous downtown pedestrian mall, which is slated for a significant developmental update in the next two years.


Located directly to the east of Denver’s business district, uptown has been developed around the hospital district and is just to the west of City Park. This area has a variety of mixed use high rises and historic Queen Ann style homes. 17th Ave is one of the main thoroughfares of uptown and along it are some of our favorite easy going Denver established restaurants, such as Ace Eat Serve and Steuben's as well as Marczyk's Market. Uptown has easy access to pay scooters and bike lanes and has developed in the last decade into a more residential part of town with a brand new Target and a large Whole Foods with it’s own entire mac and cheese bar, as part of the energetic, bustling center of the city!


Baker is a historic neighborhood that runs south of Downtown to I-25. It’s earliest development dates back to the 1870’s and was traditionally a middle class Denver neighborhood with Queen Ann homes and quaint yards. This neighborhood has long been the Denver Independent Business strip with Broadway shopping district faves like FM and Fancy Tiger, classic tattoo shops like Think Tank and Sol Tribe, the historic independent film theater, The Mayan and Historian's Ale House, with a rooftop bar overlooking Broadway. Each year Baker hosts the Undergound Music Showcase, where over 70 local and regional bands and musicians play throughout the neighborhood for three days in local venues like Hi-Dive and Tiki. Baker is also home to the directional and street layout center of Denver. Broadway and Ellsworth are at zero, and all streets in Denver are oriented to their direction from this intersection.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill, or Cap Hill as it has become known in the last decade, is one of Denver’s first neighborhoods and is directly south and east of the State Capitol. It was known for being a hot spot and inspiration to the beatnik generation and a favorite place to spend time for Jack Kerouak as well as the main hangout for the Denver Punk population in the late 20th century. It is filled with vintage book stores, coffee shops like Thump and Hudson Hill as well as hip vegan bar and restaurants like City O' City. This is one of the more densely populated areas of Denver and remains a truly eclectic and high energy neighborhood. 

Cheesman Park

Cheesman Park is a mature tree filled, historic homes neighborhood just east of Cap Hill and just south of Congress Park. Cheesman Park, itself, is a Denver favorite park and has for over a century been a popular place to hang out among friends, walk your dog or drive through the park. It was developed over a cemetery in the late 1800’s as Denver continued to grow, and has always been a neighborhood with progressive culture. The park is surrounded by a mix of apartment buildings, condominiums and historic homes and is home to a statuesque amphitheater as well as the back gate connecting it to the Denver Botanic Gardens, a popular destination year round, where you can hear the sounds of their Summer Concert Series, (returning in 2022) stroll through stunning gardens and take classes for drawing, or learning about horitculticulture.

Congress Park

Congress Park rounds out the area to the east of Downtown Denver and is bordered by Colfax to the North and 6th Avenue to the south, Colorado Blvd to the east and York to the West. This quiet neighborhood, a 5 minute drive from downtown, has many of the traditional Denver Four Square historic two story homes that Denver was known for at the turn of the 20th century, often ordered from and built by direction from the Sear’s catalogue! There are lots of stand out places on Colfax for music and food, like the Ogden and Bluebird theaters, as well as restaurants like Denver Biscuit Company and Mezcal. You’ll also find great small business pockets within the residential blocks with restaurants like, Peter's Chinese Cafe and Blue Pan Pizza or Wildflowers Floral and Gifts. This neighborhood is close to Cherry Creek North but has a more historic feel.

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