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The Creative Minds of RiNo Shape the Cultural Landscape of Denver

The Creative Minds of RiNo Shape the Cultural Landscape of Denver

A guide to dining, entertainment and living in the North Denver's River North Art District

November 18, 2023 - By Rankin, Goulder, Kissinger

Above: This home, sold in 2023 by Rankin Goulder & Kissinger exemplifies the industrial feel RiNo is known for (photo: Rankin, Goulder & Kissinger).

The River North Art District - affectionally known as RiNo - neighborhood in North Denver is an eclectic area that has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. Formerly an industrial hub, RiNo has evolved into an energetic and artistic community, attracting a diverse mix of residents, businesses, and visitors. Known for its urban art scene, RiNo is home to countless murals, graffiti, and outdoor installations, turning the streets into an ever-changing canvas of creativity. The neighborhood's commitment to the arts is evident in its numerous galleries, studios, and performance spaces, making RiNo a haven for artists and art enthusiasts alike. Experience or revisit RiNo at any of these locations or events. 

Art & Entertainment 

RiNo Denver Arts & Entertainment Guide - Nocturne

Above: Nocturne Jazz & Supper Club, harmoniously housed within a transformed 1920s warehouse turned art-deco jazz venue, located at 1330 27th St. in RiNo  (photo: Rankin, Goulder & Kissinger).

RiNo Art Park - A physical embodiment of RiNo, the park was designed to nurture artists and creatives, providing them with the opportunity to thrive, collaborate, and showcase their craft. 
Located at 1900 35th Street

Mission Ballroom - Unparalleled sight lines, cutting-edge sound, and lighting systems contribute to making The Mission a pioneer in delivering the most advanced concert experience in Colorado. The venue's design incorporates rising rows and a spacious dance floor, ensuring attendees have the flexibility to choose between sitting and standing. 

Located at 4242 Wynkoop Street

Larimer Lounge - Discover Denver's prime spot for catching emerging talent, renowned national DJs, vibrant house music, and live bands every night! Enjoy the expansive outdoor patio, beer garden, and lounge while sipping on local beers and craft cocktails. Be sure to explore their latest addition, the adjacent Treehouse lounge and art space. Operating hours may vary depending on events and the season. 
Located at 2721 Larimer Street 

Nocturne Jazz Lounge (photographed above) - Nocturne stands as a contemporary Jazz & Supper Club, harmoniously housed within a transformed 1920s warehouse turned art-deco jazz venue. This unique establishment seamlessly weaves together the art of fine dining, live music, and expertly crafted cocktails and wines. For those seeking a complete experience, our Dinner and Show reservations are prepaid, encompassing a delightful three-course dinner.
Located at 1330 27th Street 

First Friday - Discover the neighborhood's creative energy during this monthly event, where over 50 studios and galleries welcome the public, keeping their doors open until 9 p.m.

Graffiti Tour - Come along for a two-hour leisurely walk and delve into the world of art, exploring the various pieces, understanding the artists, and unraveling the themes and messages behind their creations.

Dining, Wine & Craft Breweries 

North Denver RiNo Food Guide

Above: Denver Central Market is a hub for all things delicious in RiNo (photos: Rankin, Goulder & Kissinger). 

In addition to its artistic flair, RiNo is celebrated for its culinary scene, wine bars and craft breweries. The neighborhood boasts an array of eateries offering a variety of experiences from farm-to-table dining to innovative street food. The craft brewery scene in RiNo is especially remarkable, with numerous establishments crafting unique and flavorful beers. Brew masters are experimenting and creating the next generation of outstanding brews - and RiNo has a front row seat. 

With so many incredible establishments it is difficult to pick favorites but these locations offer something for everyone: 

Denver Central Market - Visit 11 vendors all under one roof in the heart of RiNo. From ice cream and coffee to a butcher and rotisserie, DCM has something for everyone. A full bar covers the whole of the market so you can enjoy a drink while shopping, exploring and eating!

Located at 2669 Larimer Street

Il Posto - Il Posto stands as a sophisticated Italian restaurant where the harmony between food and wine takes center stage. It embodies the intricate simplicity inherent in Italian cuisine and wine culture. Their meticulously curated food and wine lists showcase the diverse regions of the Italian peninsula, drawing from its rich history and traditions with a blend of sophistication, simplicity, and creativity. A visit to Il Posto promises to be the quintessential journey, ensuring that your time with them is a memorable and elevated dining experience.

Located at 2601 Larimer Street

Noble Riot - At Noble Riot, their mission is to narrate the tales of authentic wines and the dedicated individuals behind them: the winemakers, farmers, and importers. While you may not always find a familiar label, rest assured that they consistently offer something genuine and unadulterated for you to explore and savor.
Located at 1336 27th Street

Los Chingones -  Located in Downtown RiNo (plus four other Colorado locations), Los Chingones bills itself as Denver's hottest taqueria and chef/owner Troy Guard humorously says "we don't claim to be authentic, but we do claim to be delicious!" Those tasty menu items include Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos, Mexican Pizza and a House Queso with a melty four cheese chingon blend. Located at 2463 Larimer Street

Our Mutual Friend Brewing - Brewery and taproom with the aim of producing world-class beer using locally sourced ingredients whenever feasible. The establishment serves as a community hub for the Five Points neighborhood, providing a welcoming space for gathering and camaraderie.
Located at 2810 Larimer Street

RiNo Housing Guide and Experts

Above: Located at 2810 Larimer, Our Mutual Friend Brewery is a gathering spot for the 5 Points neighborhood and home to locally sourced and crafted beers (photos: Rankin, Goulder & Kissinger). 

The Great Divide Barrel Room - RiNo’s oldest brewery Great Divide Brewing Co. is committed to crafting high-quality, distinctive ales for customers while also offering service and education to both patrons and the general public in the realm of craft brewing.
Located at 1812 35th Street

Ratio Beerworks - With a huge patio in the heart of RiNo, Ratio Beerworks dedicates itself to the art of meticulously crafted beer. Originating from deep roots in the punk rock music scene, the co-founders of Ratio aspire to channel the same DIY spirit, sense of community, and inclusiveness into their brewery.
Located at 2920 Larimer Street

PLUS: Check out this RiNo Arts District Food Tour from Delicious Denver Food Tours.


Surging with dynamic and creative energy, RiNo is a hub of continuous development. Although not officially registered as a neighborhood of Denver (technically), RiNo was established in 2005 as an Arts District in the midst of what was traditionally an industrialized area on the city's outskirts. 

In RiNo, a diverse array of housing options reflects the neighborhood's eclectic character. Amidst the industrial-chic landscape, you'll find a mix of modern lofts, stylish condominiums, and unique apartment complexes. The adaptive reuse of historic warehouses has given rise to trendy loft-style residences, characterized by high ceilings, exposed brick, and expansive windows. 

Additionally, new developments have brought sleek condominiums to the scene, offering contemporary living spaces with a touch of urban sophistication. RiNo's housing options cater to various preferences, attracting a mix of residents who appreciate the fusion of artistic flair and modern amenities that define the neighborhood's living spaces.

RiNo Neighborhood Guide - Modern Living Denver

Above: The gorgeous naturally lit living room of 3435 Larimer Street (photo: Rankin, Goulder & Kissinger) 

Above, see the inside of 3435 Larimer Street Unit 103, sold by Jane Goulder and Amy Kissinger in 2023. This industrial townhome showcases a contemporary look through light fixtures, wide windows, colors and textures. Matching the art scene RiNo is famous for, this home reflects a true artists loft complete with a rooftop deck as a very chic and cool way to live and enjoy RiNo. 

RiNo Guide - Food, Entertainment, Arts, Living

Above: Larimer Street rooftop patio complete with bistro lights and views of RiNo (photo: Rankin, Goulder & Kissinger).

Embracing the distinctive RiNo lifestyle is our key to making homes in this neighborhood shine like the artwork that surrounds them. The combination of art, culture, contemporary home design and culinary delights makes RiNo a distinctive and thriving neighborhood in the heart of Denver. Our team doesn't just focus on RiNo; we specialize in optimizing the design, staging, and marketing processes to accentuate the natural strengths of every home we sell in Denver. We create a customized list of recommendations for each property, including decluttering, implementing impactful minor upgrades, addressing necessary maintenance work, and incorporating professional staging techniques.

Find out about all the RiNo events and neighborhood happenings at rinoartdistrict.org.

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