RiNo, Curtis Park, Cole and Clayton

Five Points, RiNo, Cole, Clayton and Curtis Park

Five Points, RiNo, Cole, Clayton and Curtis Park are a group of neighborhoods that comprise the area northeast of downtown Denver. Each of these small areas has it's own charm and the collective history of these areas is a rich part of our city's history. 

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RiNo has become a popular destination in recent years and is full of vibrant, creative energy and is home to lots of new development. Established in 2005, RiNo is actually not a registered neighborhood of Denver (technically) but and Arts District, created in the heart of a traditionally industrialized area on the outer edge of the city, visualized to be a district where artists could work and live, it has grown to be a combination of hot spot for restaurants and bars alongside a trending place to live. Denver Central Market holds several food concepts under one roof and coffee lovers will find CREMA a treat. There is a flagship TOPO designs as well as breweries, co-working spaces and locally owned boutiques, like Be A Good Person.

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Five Points is one of Denver's oldest neighborhoods just to the east of downtown and the name refers to the "five points" intersection at Welton St., Washington St, 27th and 26th Ave. There is pride in the history of thriving African American businesses and culture where Five Points became known as the Harlem of the West for its national jazz scene in the mid twentieth century despite segregation and unfair housing/lending practices.  You will find historic homes and buildings dating back to the 1880's as well as new residential development. The Welton Street Cafe serves up traditional American, Southern and Carribean dishes to crowds, Cervantes has live music and is a popular venue for funk, electronic and reggae music. Get. your coffee fix at Queen City Coffee on the east end of the neighborhood and Coffee At the Point at the Five Points intersection.  


Curtis Park -

The original Denver suburb of Curtis Park began development in the 1860's with the city's first public park of the same name established in 1868, the Curtis Park neighborhood was at the center of Denver's original housing boom as the population of the fastest growing city at that time moved east from downtown. Curis Park is home to Queen Anne and Victorian architecture as well as the popular late 19th century Italianate style home.  Enjoy take out from Curtis Park Creamery or a fresh artisanal sandwich at  Curtis Park Deli




As a neighborhood, Cole was almost completely developed by the 1930's and is bordered by Downing to the west, 40th to the north, York to the east and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd to the south. This neighborhood continues to see massive growth and change as it is adjacent to many new developments near the I-70 expansion and RiNo. The unofficial mayor of Denver, Daddy Bruce Randolph, after whom 34th street from Downing St. to Dahlia was renamed in 1995,  is now home to new restaurants. BRASSERIE BRIXTON




Small square neighborhood directly east of Cole and bordered by Colorado Blvd to the east and York to the West. RIVERS COFFEE and GIRASOLES as well as PARK HILL GROCERY can be found in Clayton.








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