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Allison Rankin, Compass Denver Real Estate Agent - Colorado

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Allison values relationships. Whether it's with clients (who often become friends), co-workers, other agents and lenders, or her neighborhood, Allison strives to foster positive connections. This focus on relationships allows her to achieve the best possible outcome for her clients.

Before diving into real estate, Allison earned master's degrees in social work and public health. Those fields honed her passion for supporting people while also allowing her to gain extensive experience managing complex projects with large teams. Allison regularly calls on these skills as a real estate agent to facilitate and ease the process of buying and selling homes for her clients.

Allison's friends helped her discover a passion for guiding people through the home-buying process. They frequently called on her to advise them while buying on and selling their homes, trusting her to be both honest and supportive with them. She began to  realize she could combine her management skills and encouraging attitude into a new career in real estate.

Allison's relationships with her clients are built on this same honesty and support. She advocates for them fiercely behind the scenes while making the process fun and enjoyable. The connections she's made with other agents and lenders, combined with her work ethic and attention to detail, assures a smooth journey for her clients. A testimony to this, the majority of Allison's clientele is referral-based; her clients trust her not only to guide them, but to do the same with their family and friends.

Purchasing and renovating two 1880s homes (both of which were featured on HGTV and DIY networks) in the Five Points neighborhood helped her gain firsthand knowledge of the delicate process of working historic homes. She brings this invaluable experience to clients wishing to delve into the world of home renovation, helping them gauge a home's potential and accurately assess the process.

Allison loves her neighborhood and sees it as an extension of her home, nurturing it and giving back to keep it thriving. What she wants most for her clients is to help them find a place that feels as good for them as her neighborhood feels for her. Whether that's next door in Whittier or Curtis Park, further afield in Arvada or Golden, or even in Summit Country, where she has a lifetime of memories and tons of experience getting clients the mountain home of their dreams, Allison's goal is helping people find the place they feel at home.

Allison is a certified negotiations expert as well as a certified staging expert.



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