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4 Benefits of Having a Real Estate Advisor on Your Side

4 Benefits of Having a Real Estate Advisor on Your Side

Amy Kissinger, Jane Goulder and Allison Rankin Share on Building Lasting Relationships in Denver Real Estate and the Difference Between an 'Agent' and 'Advisor'

March 15, 2024 - By Rankin, Goulder, Kissinger

When it comes to buying or selling a property, it’s a huge benefit to have a team on your side who takes a whole picture approach for each client and responds accordingly. While the reward and long-term financial benefits of owning real estate are plenty, real estate transactions can be stressful and there’s a lot at stake. It’s important to have a trusted and experienced advocate from the first conversation to the closing table and beyond.

“An agent will sell a house and move on to the next transaction. A real estate advisor is for life. We are there before, during, and after the transaction,“ Amy Kissinger says about being an advisor for her clients.

At Rankin Goulder Kissinger, we strive to be advisors for our clients for life. Many real estate agents operate within a transactional framework, focused primarily on facilitating the buying or selling process. Their expertise lies in property marketing, negotiations, and paperwork. They are invaluable in helping clients find suitable properties, arranging viewings, and guiding them through the intricate steps of closing a deal. However, their involvement often concludes once the transaction is finalized.

An advisor adopts a holistic and long-term perspective, prioritizing the client's overall financial well-being beyond individual transactions. These professionals provide personalized guidance tailored to the client's specific goals, whether it involves purchasing a first home, building a real estate portfolio, or planning for retirement. Unlike traditional agents, advisors for life forge enduring relationships with their clients, offering ongoing support, strategic advice, and market insights throughout their real estate journey. They leverage their expertise to align property investments with broader financial objectives, ensuring clients make informed decisions that align with their long-term interests.

The benefits of a real estate advisor and agent - Colorado

From left to right: Allison Rankin, Amy Kissinger and Jane Goulder strive to bring value to their Denver clients in all they do along with Natalie Esquivel (far right) and the RGK team who takes a whole picture approach to the needs of their clients.

While a real estate agent is necessary to facilitate a transaction, an advisor for life serves as a trusted partner in navigating the complexities of real estate as part of a comprehensive financial strategy and your short-term and long-term goals. 

Here are four key benefits and differences between an advisor versus a traditional agent…

1. Local Denver Knowledge and Expertise

“Making friends is so important when moving to a new town,” Jane Goulder says. “My experiences and friendships over the last twenty years in Denver allow me to be the conduit for connection, especially when someone is new to town. It doesn't have to feel like you are starting from scratch."

According to Redfin, a record 26% of homebuyers were those wishing to move to a different part of the country. While the reasons for a relocation can vary, it’s also no secret that Denver has consistently ranked among the hottest housing markets in the country attracting buyers from every region. The professionals on the RGK team not only sell Denver homes, but are passionately engrained into the specific Denver communities in which they live.

“We have kids in school so we can share our insight on the schools they attend. We know where to have a special event or share a special occasion, what dentist to go to, where to take swim lessons, ski lessons, our favorite hair people. The list goes on,” Amy Kissinger adds.

Allison Rankin has served on the Board of the Whittier Neighborhood Association and Friends of Manual (High School). “It’s so important that we know these neighborhoods inside and outside so that we can be a trusted resource for our clients. I’ve hosted weekly neighborhood yoga sessions at our house for over 10 years and we welcome anyone who wants to join. It’s a wonderful way not only to get to know people, but to help others fall in love with our community like I have.”

2. A Long-Term Resource and Value to Clients

Amy describes the value an advisor brings this way: “We are there to provide trusted referral partners, help you protest your property taxes, look at comparable sold homes in your vicinity if you are considering a renovation project or budget, and really anything house or life related. I have given ROI examples for clients that purchased years ago that were thinking about remodeling their kitchen, bathrooms, or doing outdoor projects.”

The relationship does not end at the closing table and, in fact, far from it. Many of our sellers see so much value in our listing design and staging throughout the process that they have us help with the design, decoration or renovations in their new homes.

“I've helped with design projects years after a home purchase, furniture suggestions, and referrals for all things Denver, including doctors, daycares, and everything in between,” says Jane.

It’s this value provided by our seasoned agents that makes it easy for clients to become lifelong clients. “I love that we are an ongoing resource for our clients, who many times become friends. We’re always here for them to bounce ideas off of or answer questions and it helps us to keep a pulse of the market and the community.”

Value of Denver Real Estate Agent

"It’s very rare we have a single transaction with someone." Pictured here: 2938 N Lafayette Street - recently listed by Rankin, Goulder, Kissinger -  is a modern residence in the historic Denver neighborhood of Whittier.

3. It’s a People Business

“There is a lot of nuances involved with buying and selling real estate,” Jane adds. “Having a strong connection with a trusted real estate advisor allows for a sense of confidence even when doing the scary things in life, like buying a bigger home or starting an investment portfolio. Technology can't read between the emotional lines of doing something for the first time or pushing yourself toward growth.”

For most people, their home is their largest financial asset. The homes bought and sold are just part of the process that make up a larger story: someone’s dream of homeownership and the life they want to live. When the contracts and deadlines are gone, the ultimate reward is that the buyer or seller feels great about the decisions they made and that they got the most out of the process.

Jane: “At the end of the day, this is and will always be a people business. We all have emotions and buying or selling a home can be an emotional experience, whether it's your first home or one of many. We aim to be super communicative and make sure everyone is comfortable throughout the process.”

“We are passionate about having strong relationships within the extended real estate community,” Allison says. “Whether with other agents, contractors, vendors or local businesses, these relationships are invaluable for us to best represent our clients and they appreciate that.”

4. Perspective on What’s to Come

When asked about the state of the market for this year and beyond, Jane explains, ”Denver is always going to be a good investment. I see home values rising and well-priced, well-prepared homes going for top dollar. I expect that to continue through the year with a large group of buyers entering the market with every Fed rate cut.”

Amy adds: “We continue to be in a low inventory, fast-moving market. Homes that are priced well and in good condition are still selling quickly. Rates should be coming down later this year and this will cause more buyers to get into the market to ramp up competition including multiple offers.”

No matter the circumstance or market conditions, one thing is certain: the Rankin, Goulder, Kissinger team will be there every step of the way for the buyers and sellers who put their trust in them to get the job done.

“It’s very rare we have a single transaction with someone,” says Jane. “If we do, it’s usually because they’ve found their ‘forever’ home.”

Together, with Allison Rankin, Jane Goulder, or Amy Kissinger and the power of Compass – Denver’s leading brokerage – we possess the experience, resources, and relationships to assist you. Whether you're considering buying or selling anywhere in the Denver area, reach out to us today!

The Differences Between Real Estate Agent vs. Advisor

The stunning 'before' and 'after' of a recently sold Colorado home presented by Rankin, Goulder, Kissinger exemplifies the value the team brings to their Denver-area clients.

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